About Us

We want approach you technology and innovation so that you become part of tomorrow.

In Droneadd we are passionate, motivated and very proud of what we are doing.

We are not just a technology and  innovation company that uses Drones, nor an advertising and marketing company, but what we do is merge the best of both worlds to bring the future to all brands, products and companies that want to join us.

In Droneadd believe that in the current market saturated of messages and impacts, brands have real difficulties reaching consumers truly different and innovative ways. This is where we come into play!.

Droneadd works innovation in Marketing, Advertising, IOT, Wearables, etc ... Our technology, patented designs and developments, have made we can offer into the market the 1st Flying Advertising and Marketing Platform, using what nobody had done before, the Drones .

But do not think we will stay here, because every second, every hour, every day, keep researching, testing and developing to incorporate any technological innovation to our Flying Platform. Beacons, NFC, etc ... are some elements and technologies that we are already working today!

Droneadd is the first and only company that has developed and launched in Europe this innovative flying platform applicable to Advertising, Marketing and Events.

Fly together to the future?

Javier J. Pérez Pardo

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