Flying platform of advertising and marketing

Advertising and Marketing with drones

Will you continue using the same old marketing and advertising as usual?. We believe it is time to use a new flying platform to guarantee your brand really attract attention of your audience. Past are billboards, magazines, subways, buses, advertisements on tv. The future is our Flying Platform of Advertising and Marketing.

Our drones are "Smart Drones" able to talk to your customers.

Using our drones your brand will connect to your customers without limitation, in more places and in completely new and shocking way.

Flying promotion and Advertising

Some great idea in mind?

Droneadd is the first Flying Platform of Advertising and Marketing services using only drones. Just thinking about something and we will taking very high.

In Droneadd we´ll develop with you the most amazing and incredible campaigns and actions for your brand.

Our drones will take off to make unthinkable promotional activities, unusual actions, and funny campaigns never seen before.

We will do that your idea happen and fly.



Welcomedrone, Dronecontrol, Dronies, Videodrones, Photodrones...

Droneadd will make your event never be the same again!

Our drones will receive your attendees, we´ll do them a dronie (forget selfies, are the past !!), we will be able to control who comes in and out, we´ll create a wifi network where it seemed impossible, we ´ll photograph, record and transmit your event in real time streaming, and if you want integrating with social networks…


It offers sponsors of your event spectacular and innovative Advertising and Marketing Platform !. We offer opportunities for participation with competitive benefits through partnership agreements with companies and event management agencies . Generates benefits and additional revenue for your company by introducing Droneadd sponsors and sponsors of your event .


Shows, Performances and Entertainment with Drones

Innovative and spectacular shows, fun and entertainment created with our incredible Drones.

We have created a new dimension that viewers will never forget.

Flying Wifi & Internet. Beacon Drones

Our Drones with a WiFi hotspot that will allow consumers to connect anywhere.

Create in anywhere, anytime, your own area of mobile advertising and marketing. Send information bombs to smartphones, tablets...

The right message to the right audience at the right time.


Drone Race

We create a new, spectacular and technological sport: The Racing Drones.

Drones reaching speeds up to 110 km / h, professional pilots, amazing circuits, virtual reality, sponsors ...

A fascinating experience for the audience, which undoubtedly will become the new fashionable sport worldwide.

Media Drones

A new, versatile and powerful media platform is what gives you Droneadd.

TV, Films, Corporate Videos, Flying Audiovisual Content ... are some of the things our flying platform allows.

It isn´t the dream of journalists, publicists and media professionals, innovative and technology?.


Flying Photo & Video

Our Drones are true professional cameras for conducting photo and video from perspectives and previously unthinkable places.

Will capture everything you can imagine, now, from the air, it is possible!.

Licensing & Merchandising

We license any susceptible brand become a real flier advertising and marketing element.

In our Droneadd laboratory we will help you design your product, customize it, adapt to our Drones or transform it into a spectacular and surprising flyer merchandising that really impact your customers, suppliers and consumers.

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