Our I&D LAB, Design and Redesign

Drone design and development for Advertising, Marketing and Events

Trends & Innovation Creation and Development


Here's Droneadd Lab

High Quality

Our lab, a secret basement, where we combine our marketing and advertising minds with our engineers and technology experts to develop our craziest, advanced and futuristic ideas.


We are continually designing and developing new holders, formats and forms for our drones. Also new drone´s prototypes for a special use in outdoor and indoor publicity, marketing and events.



Revolution and mobile technology integrated in our drones (beacons, wifi, nfc, etc ...). Our drones are flying objects, smart and connected, “smartdrones”. A disruptive new window of communication and interaction with the customers.

Modern technology

We design and develop structures, platforms, cases, ad hoc created for your product, brand, or for your specific campaign.


See some of our crazy prototypes and designs:


"I never think about the future because it comes soon"
Albert Einstein

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