Trends and disruptive innovation


We innovate to adapt and integrate any technological advances in our drones, prototyping to allow us do amazing things:


Smartdrones = drones "connected"

Communicating with consumers and their smartphones, tablets, smartwachtes…

Droniot= drone + iot

Our drones are smart flying objects continuously connected with consumers.


Beacondrone = drone + beacon

Drones throwing offers, promotions, locate or guide consumers!

Dronewearable = drone + wearable

Yes, there are “wearables drones" that are going to allow us do unimaginable things!


In Droneadd we always innovate, identify, create and develop trends like these:


Dronie = selfie + drone

Dronestagraming = drone + photo + instagram


Mediadrones = drones + media platform (video, photo, streaming, led panel…)

Follow me drone = drone + you + movement


Smartglassdrone= drone + smartglasses

And some other things which we're working on now ...

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